10 Ways To Work Out And Burn Calories

If you are looking to get in shape or maybe add a new fitness theme to your lifestyle, we’ve listed 10 great workouts that will boost your fitness and provide you with a decent calorie burn.

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Bootcamps are a massive fitness trend, and rightly so, as they not only give you an all over body workout, but often get you quick weight and fat loss results. Combining endurance and strength training and with little time to recover between sets, bootcamps are great to get your body looking fabulous and develop your current fitness.

Calorie burn – approx 480 per hour


Pole dancing

Burn calories, tone muscles and increase your flexibility by learning how to pole dance. These classes are great fun and are perfect if you want to tone your arms, legs and stomach, and what’s more they also help with your posture.

Calorie burn – approx 250-400 calories per session (depending on the complexity of the routines)



Get your running shoes on and get outside for a brisk run (and since it’s free, there’s really no excuse). Running regularly will not only improve your cardiovascular fitness, it’ll also help you shed some weight and tone up muscles.

Calorie burn – approx 315 calories per 30 minutes


Hot Yoga

With the addition of high temperatures and high humidity, Hot Yoga takes the regular kind to a completely new level. This is an intense workout, but well worth it as it will improve your strength and balance, and get you nice and supple too.  

Calorie burn – approx 450 calories per session



Swimming is another great sport for strengthening and toning all your major muscles. It’s a particularly great way to really work your upper body (using strokes such as the front crawl and backstroke) to combat those dreaded bingo wings.

Calorie burn – approx 180 calories per 30 minutes



If you’re looking for a lower body workout – then you are onto a winner with spinning. This high-intensity workout really gets your heart going if you put the effort in – the calories and pounds will literally be dropping off. Plus, you’ll be the proud owner of a better pair of pins too.

Calorie burn – approx 300-445 per hour



Possibly one of the biggest trends to burst onto the fitness scene, Zumba is a great and fun way to get fit and lose weight whilst dancing. It’s the perfect class to try out with friends and guaranteed to have you feeling great afterwards too.

Calorie burn – approx 400-500 per hour (depending on the exercises included in the routines)


Body Pump

Body Pump is a moderate to high intensity resistance activity, that usually lasts an hour and is a great way to include weight training in your workout. With lots of repetitive exercises, you thoroughly work all areas of the body, and really tone up without getting bulky.

Calorie burn – approx 250-600 calories per hour (depending on the exercises included and weights used)


Circuit training

Get ready for classic star jumps, lots of sit-ups and a few cheeky squats (to name but a few). Circuit training is a great all over workout, improves your aerobic fitness and burns fat. This is a great option if you are pressed for time as you can complete an effective workout even if you only have 15 minutes.  

Calorie burn – approx 300-400 per hour (depending on the exercises included in the routines)



This a great high-intensity class that’s well worth a go if you want to tone-up key areas such as your arms and stomach and shift a few pounds. This cardio workout is perfect for everyone; it increases your strength and hand-eye coordination, plus it’s the perfect chance to exert any stress whilst burning away those calories.

Calorie burn - 340-420 per 45 minutes

Note: Calorie burn figures are an approximate as they are dependent on body weight, the intensity of the workout, routines or routes followed and individual fitness level.