There are a host of great reasons why you should start fundraising NOW... here’s 10, but there are many more!

With thousands of projects - within your community and indeed all around the world that deserve support – it’s easy to find one that suits you.

And there’s no time like the present to get fundraising and make a real difference – you’ll probably feel so good you’ll do it all again.

1. Take on a personal challenge

Fundraising need not be a huge undertaking – you can dedicate as much or as little time as you feel comfortable. You may be an individual who enjoys a challenge… with the aim of achieving a personal goal!  It could be a physical challenge and a test of endurance, such as a marathon run, a cycle ride or swim, where you seek to beat the pain barrier and set a personal best time.  But there are also countless other less taxing alternatives from sponsored slimming to read-a-thons and cake-baking. The beauty is that you can create your own challenge.

2. Super fun

Raising money often brings people together. It’s a great way to have fun while raising all-important cash. There are some brilliant, inspiring and, above all, enjoyable ways of making money for your chosen charity in a really sociable way.

You might just get a taste for it – and then want to do it all over again! Whatever you like doing, there will always be others who share the same passions. Check out local events… and if nothing take your fancy you can always think of your own idea.

3. Work it

Are your workplace colleagues the kind who like to get involved? If not, why not? Fundraising has proven to be great for staff morale and often adds a bit of spice to the working week. Don’t be surprised to see a new energy and enthusiasm whether in an office or outdoors. And don’t forget the ultimate aim – for any amount of fundraising - will also make a huge difference to your chosen charity.

4. Payback time

Fundraising is one of the most selfless things you can do and many people are drawn to it as a way of giving back. Charities rely on voluntary donations and could not fund their work without the time and generosity of a committed army of volunteer fundraisers. You’ll get a real sense of satisfaction from knowing you’re giving back and helping out your local/the international community.

5. Shout about it

Getting involved in raising money is great value to raise awareness about a particular issue or cause. It may be something close to your heart, or a local organisation that you admire. Every single coffee morning or fancy dress disco, big or small, helps raise awareness (and vital funds) for a well-deserving charity, enabling them to educate and inform the public – and raise even more valuable funds in the future.

6. If not you – who?

Charities are completely reliant on our support. We often see and hear about terrible events all around the world and, if you can’t sit around and do nothing – getting involved in fundraising is a really great way to harness the outpouring of compassion and make a real effort to help.

7. Meet and greet

Getting involved with fundraising can give a boost to a charity’s work, it can also be a great way to meet like-minded people. Fundraising is really communal and many people become fundraisers as they want to meet new people. Lots of people start their fundraising at a club, society, or sports organisations and they cater for all ages and activities. People working together to raise money often find themselves finding friends along the way, then they just watch that seed grow as their friendships strengthen.

8. I feel good

Helping others, making a difference, and raising money for a good cause can give you a real boost. No matter how you choose to fundraise, how much you raise or whether you do it regularly or just as a one-off fundraising brings a sense of fulfilment like no other. We can’t think of any better reason to get involved.

9. Good habits

Do you have a hobby or talent that you love? Combining something you do for fun with ‘fun-draising’ means you’re even more likely to raise money and keep going back for more. From the abseilers, to the walkers and the cyclists to the bake-salers – whatever makes you tick, you can use it to boost your fundraising.

So if you have a specialist skill, or just a hobby and a bit of time to spare – from a few minutes to a few hours – then charities need you.

10. Specialist skills

It might surprise you, but fundraising can actually be as useful to you as it is to the charity. It takes organisation, dedication and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit to come up with a plan to raise money. These are skills that might just be vital for securing that next job, promotion or pay rise that you’re after!

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