Mother Nature affects us ladies in a negative way. Whether it's our skin, hair or cramps she sometimes leaves us feeling our worst. So here we have 10 homemade beauty goodies you can find within your fridge, perfect for making you feel beautiful again.

1. Sugar

Spending hours curling your hair or building the perfect chignon takes time, patience and sheer, super-human skill. So the last thing you want is for all of your hard work to be undone by a gusty blast of wind. To keep your hair in place, create your own hairspray using sugar and water. Add six teaspoons of sugar to boiling water and leave to cool. Then squirt onto your hair for lasting bounce and that all-day hold.

2. Pineapple juice

We have news; pineapple juice is not just great for pina coladas, it’s also great for our skin. Pour some pineapple juice into ice trays and leave in your freezer overnight. Once frozen, pass the pineapple ice cubes over your skin and leave for five minutes before rinsing. The pineapple enzymes keep our pretty faces hydrated and help skin stay supple, fresh and bright.

3. Natural yogurt

Life is tough on hair . To keep parched ends conditioned whip up this nourishing natural yogurt hair mask. Yoghurt contains antibacterial properties and lots of protein that, when applied to hair, helps keep our locks dandruff free, strong and deeply moisturised.  For your natural hair mask apply natural yogurt to dry hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse and voila: beautiful, shiny tresses.

4. Coconut oil, honey and sugar

For luscious lips prepare this lip scrub. All you need is some coconut oil, some clear honey and some brown sugar. Add one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil to a bowl and mix until smooth. Then add one teaspoon of brown sugar and stir. Your luxurious lip scrub is now ready. It will last for two weeks when kept in the fridge, keeping your lips perfect and soft.

5. Milk

To get that dewy, flawless skin you’ve been craving pull out your milk carton and get to work on brewing up this hot, fresh cleanser. Pour some milk into a pan and heat to boiling point before emptying the pan into a heated bowl. Then put a towel over your head and steam your face using the hot milk mix. The lactic acid in this steaming cleanse will unclog your pores.

6. Limes

We love limes.

Not only is this citrus fruit a great colour, they are also fabulously good for your nails. Cut a lime in half and rub the fruit over your nails. Then dangle your talons into a small bowl of water and dissolve some bicarbonate soda into the mixture. After five minutes remove your nails and dry. You should be left with gleaming, white and shiny nails.

7. Temperature

To get that after-spa feeling for less delve into your fridge and boil the kettle. Take your hot water bottle and fill it with hot water. Then cut cucumber slices onto a plate. Next, lie under a blanket with the lights off and place the water bottle at your feet and the cucumber slices on your face. The contrast of temperatures – of hot and cold – will relax you and once you emerge from your blanketed den you will feel like you can take on the world.

8. Cranberries

For your own pop of lip color make this beautiful lip gloss. Add one tablespoon of almond oil into a bowl, along with a handful of cranberries and some clear honey. Then add a drop of vitamin E oil, which protects you from free radicals like sunlight and cigarette smoke. Put the bowl with the lip gloss mix into a microwave and blast for five minutes. Once cool strain the mix and leave to cool before adding it to a lip gloss container.

9. Lemons and eggs

Take your skincare regime back to basics and ditch a few of those expensive products that promise the world. You can achieve tightened and toned skin using a few eggs and lemons. To begin cut a lemon in half and squeeze its juice into a bowl, adding one egg white. Then beat the mixture and apply to your face. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and kick back and listen to some music whilst you wait.

10. Almonds and mayonnaise

To feel like a goddess make your own softening and exfoliating lotion. Crush almonds and mix with mayonnaise. Apply to your skin in circular motions. You could don a pair of exfoliating mitts to intensify the process. Once applied, leave the mix on for five minutes before rinsing in the shower. Once clean your skin will be beautifully soft and fresh.