Saving money doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on health too, there’s plenty of ways to stay fit whilst looking after your bank account.

1. Ditching the school car run in favour of healthier walking or cycling

Cycling or walking the kids to school is an excellent way of saving money whilst improving your family’s general fitness through exercise and a much-needed breath of fresh air in the morning. Not only that, it will also be a great way to socialize with other parents who may be in a similar situation.

2. Cycling or walking to work — leaving the car in the garage

Driving to work is becoming an increasingly expensive habit and one that aggravates stress through the frustrations of rush hour traffic. Leaving the car behind and cycling or walking to work therefore offers a relaxing, energetic alternative that may even lead to new friendships with fellow exercising co-workers. Even if you live too far away from work to walk or cycle there, why not car-share with fellow colleagues, taking it in turns to drive? This will help cut costs in the long-term, as well as helping the environment.

3. Turning off TVs, unplugging game consoles and going out with family and friends for walks or fun in the local park

Turning off televisions, games consoles and DVD players and going for family walks in the park will help save you money and offer a refreshing fitness routine. Physical exercise doesn’t have to be arduous; why not take the kids for a game of rounders and turn the TV off? It'll be good exercise, getting the family out of the stuffy house and into the fresh air.

4. Enjoying the evening walking, running around the park, cycling or gardening, rather than drinking

As well as being bad for your health , drinking can be an expensive habit.

So why not save yourself the money and gain a new lease of life by doing some recreational exercise? Running around the park, gardening and cycling are all simple, free and enjoyable pleasures that offer healthier alternatives to the drinking routine. And even if you do fancy a quick drink to catch up with friends or family, try walking there to balance out your drinking with a dose of easy exercise.

5. Scrapping the weekend fast food and using some of the cash for a trip to the fitness center or swimming pool

This weekend, why not ditch the junk food and spend the money productively on a trip to the local fitness center or swimming pool? Fast food is expensive and with recreational facilities offering cheap and fun exercise options, there's no reason why you shouldn't spend the money on something useful instead.

6. Growing your own veg, even if it’s just a few pots on the patio or a window box

As food prices seem to rise each time you go to the supermarket, an alternative source of healthy eating is thankfully at hand. Even if you aren’t blessed with a large space to grow your own, you can still quickly cut your food bills. A good value, healthy answer to large food bills, it’s also great fun for the whole family and very satisfying to watch your own handiwork as it grows and develops.

7. Getting fitter by doing more jobs around the home — washing the car and cleaning windows yourself

Save heaps of money on cleaners by doing household jobs yourself. As well as cutting costs, carrying out tasks like washing the car and cleaning windows will also prove a useful way of keeping active , allowing you to exercise your body just by doing a good deed. Healthy and satisfying, you’ll never need a cleaner again!

8. Ditch the lunchtime fast food. Enjoy a healthy home-made packed lunch and a brisk walk

Fed up with sitting in the canteen through your lunch hour, moaning at the fast food they’re serving? No problem. There is a healthy and cheap alternative staring you in the face! Simply bring your own packed lunch into work and, instead of loitering in the canteen, go for a brisk walk to exercise your body and clear your head before the afternoon’s work. You’ll feel the health benefits in no time.

9. Instead of an expensive meal out, pack up a picnic then head out to the countryside for some ‘al fresco’ dining and a scenic stroll

Struggling to afford to treat the family to a tasty dinner? Don’t worry, help is at hand. Instead of spending a fortune on an expensive restaurant meal, try packing a picnic, heading for the countryside and enjoying your homemade food — and the good company of your family — before enjoying a scenic stroll or some fun and games.

10. Beat the cost of a posh birthday party, just invite a few friends round for a fantastic barbecue, with everyone bringing some food and drinks

Birthday parties can be expensive affairs, so mix it up by simply inviting a few friends round and having a barbecue in the fresh air. With everyone chipping in by bringing their own food and drink, the cost will dramatically decrease, leaving you to concentrate less on your finances and more on having fun with the people you love.