Who says diet and fitness needs to be a challenge? Our top 5 health hacks are fun and get results, check them out.  

They say there's no such thing as a shortcut, but we beg to differ. We've got 5 handy health hacks up our sleeve to support your diet and exercise efforts, and keep you in great shape. These tips and tricks ditch the conventional and inspire you to take up creative new routes to fitness.

1. Multitasking hair styling

Intrigued? You should be. Who knew that drying or straightening your hair provided the perfect opportunity to strengthen and tone the arms? By strapping light weights to your wrists pre-styling, you create extra resistance and work the triceps without stepping foot in a gym.

For many of us, drying our hair is a necessary evil that can take up to 20 minutes depending on length and thickness. If you're feeling self conscious about your arms, target the muscle group with a little multitasking hair styling. Your weights only need to be 1-3lbs to increase the difficulty and intensity of your mini-workout. And the beauty of it is, you're so distracted by preening and perfecting your look that you won't even realise you're lifting weights! Try it and tell us what you think.

2. Drink cherry juice

If you haven't already, invest in a bottle of tart cherry juice. It brings so many health-healing properties that you'll wonder what you did without it. If you're prone to muscle soreness but can't miss another training session, let tart cherry juice help speed up your recovery.

Research from Oregon Health & Science University found that, when comparing 2 groups of runners - 1 who drank tart cherry juice each day vs. 1 consuming a placebo; they found that "cherry-juice drinkers reported a significantly smaller increase in pain both during and after the race," reports Prevention. This is attributed to anti-inflammatory content cherry juice carries - it gets to work on the muscles, relieving joint pain and swelling.

If you struggle to get a decent night's sleep , sipping on tart cherry juice brings an added bonus. It's naturally rich in the sleep-inducing properties melatonin and tryptophan, promising a longer, deeper sleep when drank during the day. Sweet dreams!

3. Make a playlist that lasts your workout

Many of us limit our gym efforts by keeping our eyes glued to the clock; 10 minutes on this and I'm done! But what if your body can take more than 10 minutes on the bike, treadmill or crosstrainer; what if you aren't getting all you can from your training because you won't spend a second longer on a particular machine?

If you're clock watching, you aren't channelling your energy effectively.

We're all guilty of it. It helps make our workouts feel shorter; when in reality, it's just impeding the quality of your training. If you're clock watching, you aren't channelling your energy effectively. To get in the zone and really maximise your efforts, create a playlist that lasts the entirety of your workout. Then take your gym towel, cover the clock, and only finish your workout after the very last track. You'll be so much productive.

4. Sleep in your gym gear

Sport is 90 percent mental, the rest physical - if you can drag yourself out of bed or away from the sofa, you're half way there. If you've the best intentions of sculpting a new you but are in no way motivated, try this simple health hack: sleep in your gym gear. Now, if your skin-tight Lycra isn't the comfiest bed attire, give it a miss. But there is method to the madness.

Early morning exercise is great for a number of reasons: it promotes weight loss, boosts the metabolism and puts you in the best mood for the rest of the day. By sleeping in your gym gear, you've no time to mull over the fact you're about to exercise. As soon as your alarm sounds, jump out of bed and head to your workout - simple.

If that doesn't work, going to the gym isn't the be all and end all. Rather than paying for a membership, why not try paying yourself? Every time you finish a run or complete a YouTube workout, add what you would have paid for a gym session or class to a savings jar. This way you can treat yourself for all your hard work!

5. Smell an orange

When life is getting you down, smell an orange. We're serious; Barbara Thomley of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at Mayo Clinic, believes citrus scents can do amazing things for the body, such as relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. Author of 'College Hacks' Keith Bradford agrees, with claims that "Smelling an orange or eating one can reduce stress by over 70 per cent."

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your working day, trying peeling yourself an orange or lighting a citrus scented candle. This aromatic asset is a healthy way to relieve tension and calm your nerves. Alternatively, if citrus isn't the scent for you, pick up some vanilla or lavender, as these will also leave you at ease.