#Healthies: 8 Inspiring Instagrams To Follow

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#Healthies: 8 Inspiring Instagrams To Follow

If you’re in need of a little #healthie inspiration, cast your eyes over these 8.

If you’re in need of a little #healthie inspiration, cast your eyes over these 8.



The wellness warrior who always reigns supreme in the #healthie charts, is Ella Woodward. After being diagnosed with ‘postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome’ in 2011, she decided to take a proactive approach to healthy living in the hope that diet tweaks would ease the symptoms of her condition – and it worked! It completely changed her life. Cook up the same body-loving recipes as @deliciouslyella. Fitness foodies love her mix of delicious sugar-free desserts, light bites and savoury dips.



A celeb favourite on the #healthie scene is Madeleine Shaw. Following the release of her first cookbook ‘Get The Glow,’ Miss Shaw has grown from strength to strength; building upon her existing popularity, with 150k followers and still counting! The great thing about @madeleine_shaw_ is that her recipes are accessible to everyone: simple, supermarket-sourced foods that won’t break the budget. Her feed is a gorgeous scrapbook of food snaps, inspirational quotes and personal insights. We love it.



Refined sugar is the dieting devil – bad for the body and super-addictive. In a bid to feel better day-to-day, New York Times bestseller, Sarah Wilson quit sugar. She’d tried alternatives like honey and dark chocolate, but the 3pm slump still crept up on her. So, she cut sugar out of her diet completely - and the results? She’s never felt better. Be inspired by Sarah’s story and rustle up your own sugar-free meals. The banana cookies are a follower favourite, ideal for those with a sweet tooth.



Globetrotter Madeline Jia Lu is both a clean eating guru and pro photographer: the ultimate Instagram combo. Her motive behind the page was to promote ‘simple, healthy food’ – recipes that are easy to pick up and accessible to every kitchen newbie. Each snap is a miniature work of art, complete with perfect composition and amazing attention to detail. The vibrancy of Lu’s dishes alone will have you reaching for the fruit and veg. Even if you’re cooking clueless, you have to check her out!



Instagram can be a pretty confusing place. With so many inspirational #healthies to follow, where do you start? @livegreenhealthy does all the hard work for you. They scour Instagram on the hunt for must-try dishes, and repost the ones that catch their eye. Expect the best of the best; @livegreenhealthy only tag the most reputable foodies around. And to top it off, they offer expert detox advice too, encouraging followers to ‘nourish their bodies inside out!’ Talk about #healthie all-rounders.



Wellness and mindfulness are the heart of every modern healthy living campaign, and nobody promotes it better than the Hemsley sisters. As bestselling authors and contributors to Vogue, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to good ‘real’ food. But what’s refreshing about @hemsleyhemsley, is that it isn’t all recipes. Their feed is packed with fun and humour – behind the scenes pics, motivational quotes and of course, delicious food. Embrace the ‘art of eating well’ and hit follow.



Nutritionist to the stars, Amelia Freer is one of the hottest #healthies of 2015. Big name celebs including Sam Smith and Boy George have all publically thanked the author of bestseller ‘Eat .Nourish .Glow .,’ for helping them shed the pounds – but her good work doesn’t stop there. Through colourful Instagram pics, Amelia inspires followers to detox their kitchen cupboards and refill with healthy alternatives. If you love great tasting smoothies and shakes, @ameliafreer is the one to follow.



Readers' Choice Awards winner, Sarah B shot onto the #healthie scene in 2007 with her critically acclaimed blog, 'My New Roots.' After studying holistic nutrition, she was astounded by the benefits of plant-based eating, and wanted to teach others what she had learnt through stunning photography and recipes. Her Instagram page creatively captures each dish, with snapshots of her day-to-day life alongside. For fresh and filling recipes that taste too good to be healthy, @mynewroots is your girl.