How Parkrun Could Help You To Become A Regular Runner

Parkrun; a wonderfully simple yet brilliant concept that has encouraged people worldwide to lace up their trainers on a Saturday morning. For those who are new to the idea, parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5km run that takes place in parks up and down the country and in fact, all over the world.

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Check out the Parkrun website for how to register. Parkrun has inspired hundreds of people to give running a go or has re-united them with the sport after a few years away, here’s how it could help you to become a regular runner:


You’ll get the running bug

Whether you’re a novice or returning from an absence, running at first feels horrible. Your legs ache and your lungs burn yet it’s strangely addictive! Very few things beat the sense of achievement and pride when you’ve completed an event. Those post-run endorphins will get you hooked and you’ll want to better your time.


You can watch your fitness soar

Once you’ve signed up to parkrun, an on-line record is kept for each event you do so you’ll be able to track your progress. It’s hugely motivating to watch your times come down and it may bring out the competitor in you!


You’ll meet like-minded people

For many people, starting a new exercise activity can be daunting, however the running fraternity are a friendly bunch, and as a result parkrun has become a ‘community’. Every Saturday morning you’ll find people from all walks for life toeing the line and sharing a common goal. Parkrun is a fantastic way to get involved with your local running community. You’ll meet people with a shared interest and you may well acquire some new training buddies.


Routine rules

As human beings we are far more likely to stick at an activity if it becomes part of our routine. What makes parkrun so appealing is that it’s at the same time and in the same place each week so it’s relatively easy to embed into your weekend routine. With a universal start time of 9am, it doesn’t dominate the whole day, and with events nationwide you can usually find a parkrun local to you wherever you may be spending the weekend.

So how many of you regularly take part in Parkrun? What is your experience of it and would you recommend it as a great starting point for new and returning runners? Let us know in the comments below.