“Well done on your PB last week, bet you were gutted!”

Posted on: 22 Sep 2014

Is how I was greeted by more than one person at Parkrun on Saturday (I was volunteering).  Had to confess that it had been a PB with mixed feelings.  On the one hand ‘A PB’!! Yay! (even got a lovely ALERT from Hollywood himself – had to tell someone).  But the time:  30.01  yes, I was gutted.  Certainly getting close to that elusive sub 30.

We had all been warned not to expect any PB’s that week due to the irregularities of the course as the flood defence work was taking place and was now stretching across the carriageways.  The course was being run the ‘wrong way round’ for the second week and we had the finish down a narrowed pathway so there was a need to be vigilant. 

But apparently that didn’t stop there being 42 personal bests out of 191 runners!  So I guess we’d paid little attention to the warnings!

Since then I’ve only had one training run (last Tuesday) I’m afraid I’ve given in to my cold and it just seems to be getting worse.  So unless I get me some of what Mr Barber has been taking – I’m not sure I’ll be going out in the near future. 

Good Luck to Gerry for the coming weekend.

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