5 weeks until Reading

Posted on: 28 Feb 2016

Somehow I forgot to update the blog last week but I am here now with the update on my long slow heart rate experiment thing. It has been a good week , I have put in 4 runs and worked up a sweat at the Tennis club yesterday with Jack - he beat me of course , I am a bit rusty and Jack has two coaching sessions a week so no contest ! I was a little worried that all the running around the court would affect todays long run but as it turned out the first 3 miles today were the best I have done in ages . The rest of the run was good too , the ground was firm so the mud wasn't a problem and the heart rate average was spot on . Gradually week by week I can see that I am able to run that tiny bit faster whie keeping below 80% effort . I am not sure if I am imagining it but I feel more strength in my legs too. I do need to do a bit more work with the stretching and weights , I have been a bit lazy in that aspect but work has been incredibly hectic and when i get home I often just want to crash on the sofa. Talking about that one advantage is that I spend a lot of time on my feet walking between departments and working on the machines and the benefit of this is that I am fully warmed up for a run after work . If I am not feeling too knackered I do like to run after work now the sun is still up . This week I mixed it up a bit by running two evenings then one early morning run on Thursday which was 5 miles in the dark . It is interesting to see that my heart rate seems to be better in the evening , again I put that down to being 'warmed up ' from all the waliking I do in the day. 

Reading is only 5 weeks away and i am looking forward to it as I feel reasonably prepared and a mate of mine is running this one too. It is one of his favourite races and he recommended it to me.  Up until now I have performed all my runs according to the MAFF method , running at sub maximal pace but I some point soon I will be doing some anearobic sessions just to see if the speed is still there. This is a very different approach to all my other half marathons so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Another plus for this race is that I will be a VIP ! How ? Well as someone who runs in Mizuno shoes I get to use the Mizuno VIP facilities at the stadium including their own changing rooms and bag drop , food and massage . It's all free so it would be silly not to take advantage of it. The only dissapointing aspect is that they insist on only 1 guest , and we will be taking our sons so they won't be able to join me . To be honest I will be happy just to be able to use the VIP bag drop and collection as I have heard it can be a bit of a nightmare and there are long queues at the regular collection point. Not surprising i guess considering how many are taking part . 

This week is the same training-wise , another 4 runs but the weekend run will be increased so I am back to 11 miles. At this stage it is just more practice and staying injury free. At the moment it is all good and I couldn't be happier :)

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