Here we go again!

Posted on: 15 May 2016

Oh, it's that tremendous time of year - it's the time of year when the days are getting longer, the runs are rewarding us for the hard yards across the winter months, and the views are a joy to behold.  But, above all that, it's time to announce the Great Oggie Run for 2016.

Some of us are veterans of this, and have run all three previous versions.  I hope that many of us are new to it, as that means that our ranks are swelling, and the coffers of a deserving cause will be swelled too as a result.

So, for new and old alike, here we go.

1. The idea.

The idea was one from a great blogger of days gone by.  He was a legend, and he went by the name of Oggie.  Now, he's a marathon runner of close to 190 marathons (by the time you read it, it may well be 191, 192...).  Above that, he's a man with a big heart and a grand idea.  Put the two together, and you get the Great Oggie Run.  His idea was, like all the best ideas, a simple one.

It goes like this. Pick a date.  Pick a charity to run for.  Lace up your daps.  Run. Simples!

2. The date.

I've been chatting with our head motivator, coach, and inspiration, Hollywood.  He's aiming for a 100K along the Thames on 10 September.  Those of us who know him best know how much it would mean to him, especially now, for us to be lacing up the daps and running shoulder to shoulder with him across the miles.  So, mark the date well. 10 September.

3. The charity

Ah, now we're a democratic bunch.  It's up to us to decide who to run for.  The only proviso is that it has to be a cause close to a Buzzer's heart.  You know how we are - if it means anything to one of us, it means something to all of us.

In previous years, we have raised money for NASS (and supported Gerry and Kat as we did).  Then, it was Louie's Helping Hands, a cause that means so much to Tania.  Last year, it was the Cardiomyopathy charity, as we raised money to support Gaelle.

This year?  Well, over to you.  Comment below on what you think would be a good cause.  All of the names suggested will go into a hat, and one will be drawn out.  We'll then donate what we want to the cause.

4. The distance.

Well, again, it's over to you.  Like running itself, it's a simple idea. Get your daps on, lace 'em up, run.  Run for 1K or 100K.  Run at 9am, or run at 10pm. It doesn't matter.  The distance?  Irrelevant.  The time?  No matter.  The idea is that we all do something, sometime, on 10 September.  Across the miles, we will run shoulder to shoulder, the invisible ties that bind.

5. So, what's next?

2 things for you.  Firstly, comment with any ideas for charities that we can support - remember, something that's close to you as a Buzzer, and maybe something that's small; we love the idea that the money we raise is making a real difference.  Secondly, get the date in the diary.  That's it!


C'mon then, folks.  It's time for us to make a difference again - we've done wonders across the last three years, and I know that we'll do it again.  We'll run for us, and we'll raise money for a cause that's close to one of us.  What's not to like?!

On a yard, one and all.



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