Cape Wrath the movie ...

Posted on: 04 Jan 2017

Hello Buzzers

I'm back at work after a wonderful week in Northumberland. No signal, no wifi just simple pleasures and a few beautiful hill runs !

I managed to get some wifi connection in a Wooler cafe and was able to find out the humbling news that I had been nominated as the Realbuzz Performance of the year. I quickly penned a response but wanted to re-itterate my gratitude for your support last year. This site helped me achieve something that I felt might be out of reach and then gave me an award for achieving it, I really am very proud to head the list this year amongst so many others who have done equally incredible things. Thank  you, Thank you , Thank you !!! another caps lock THANK YOU to head coach Hollywood Dave who took time out of his busy schedule to write such a comprehensive review of all of our achievements and organise the voting for POTY. I wish him all the success that he deserves as he hits 2017 head on in his own year of a lifetime. I hope the body holds strong and as many of us as possible can meet up with you on your challenges ahead.

It just so happened that on the day that HD made the announcement the Cape Wrath organisers also previewd the Cape Wrath movie which was shot during the race in May. Its half an hour long and features the stunning locations that we travelled through and highlights just how lucky we were with the weather. If you fancy watching it this is the link ( you need to put in the code BMC2016 to see it as its not fully launched yet )


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