Cudham, Luxted and Berry's Green 10th August 2013

Posted on: 23 Sep 2013

Kent Ramblers Walk 2 

3.5 miles it said on the instructions, but only if you go the right way.

When we arrived at Cudham, there was a parking attendant directing cars into the overflow car park (end of the cricket field), being a nosy sort I asked her what was happening.  Apparently the local pub was hosting an all day music event which was evident by the loud music playing.

Parked up, boots on, map and instructions to hand, off we went – first stop the loo.  Then we hit the track.    Everything seemed to be going quite well, the route finding seemed to be straightforward, until we got to a road that wasn’t suppose to be there.  That’s when we consulted the GPS on my phone to discover we were way off route.   We know where we went wrong, the instructions had said ‘the left side of the field’ and we’d set off up the right side!

Took about 45 mins to get back on track.  Did pass some interesting wild fowl along a bridleway.  We didn’t take any photos but looked them up and they were guinea fowl.  Didn’t arf make a racket once they’d got back into their yard.

A very long walk up the lane and once back on the route everything else was plain sailing.  Did spy an interesting pair of planes in formation on their way to Biggin Hill. 

The finish was up hill, towards the pub with the bass beating a rhythm all the way up.

Think the 3.5 miles turned into 5.5miles so pretty shattered.  Don’t think we want to come back to Cudham again too soon.  But apart from the detour it was a good walk.

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