I'm famous!

Posted on: 23 Jan 2008

I ran 5.8 miles today, from home to work. And I got lost! I've often (recently, since my accident!) run from work to home. But this was the first time I've gone from home to work. And as I ran up a road close to work, I thought 'Where the hell am I???'. It was easily solved, but...

My time wasn't too bad... Well, not for me (but it would be bad for anyone normal!). But hey, I'm impressed I can run at all, given my history. Speaking of which, I was in the local paper this morning
 (http://www.waltonandhershamonline.co.uk/news/2020/2020557/a_marathon_battle_for_bike_mum) and I have been interviewed for a magazine article. I'm just so famous!!!

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