Posted on: 12 Apr 2009

Absolutely bollocksed! That's how I feel after todays gym session. Rest day Friday, didn't make it for a run or to the gym yesterday due to a poorly mum and hospital visits and this morning I was expecting to referee a football match but two refs turned up. As I wasn't the official ref I let the other guy do it (wish I hadn't, he booked one of my players for laughing!). Decided that as I had been idle for a few days I had better go to the gym so I went when it would be quiet, 5pm this afternooon. And as it was so quiet I could do whatever I wanted so I upped all my weights, worked my balls off on the X trainer (30 secs at 200+ steps a minute, 30secs at 140+ steps a minute - for 30 minutes) and rower (only 1000m, I hate that thing) and now my legs and arms feel like jelly.

And I am ravenously hungry, tired and ready for bed.

Never ever give up

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