Posted on: 15 Jul 2017

Distance - 4 Miles.                                                                                        Time - 50m 55s. Took walk breaks in the last 2 miles, back hurting.    Route - round the creek,  Peronne Road bridge, Limberline Spur, Rugby Club, Green Lane, Battenburg Avenue, Kipling Road, home.                Date & time - 15/07/17. 00:19hrs                                                      Calories* - 803. Steps* - 6513. Weight - 17st 9lb. Blood sugars - 7.9 *according to Cardio Trainer app 

Nothing to report on this run, it was dark, warm and dry. Took Brian and he got lost again but this time he managed to find his way back to me quite quickly. Took my first break at 2 miles, back was aching too much. 30 seconds or so then set off again but took another break soon after. Took a longer break this time then set off until 3 miles where I took yet another break. Walked a little, stretched the back then did a few 'faster' but shorter runs, trying to get to a certain point where I could take another break. Seemed to work as I finished in 50 mins but if I take the breaks out this would probably be around 47 mins. Now to be able to run it all in one go eh? It will happen one day, gotta keep at it, keep believing and..  


Never ever give up 

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