Attempted mugging?

Posted on: 26 Jul 2017

Let's start with running then get to the boring personal bits that are here only so I can look back and see how things were.

Sun 23rd. 4 miles, 46m 23s. WHAT? Less than 12mm? No way! The splits are 11:14 - 11:41 - 11:44 - 11:18. Where did that last mile come from? I am knackered by then and usually take walk breaks. I have ntoiced that lately I am taking less and shorter ones so maybe, just maybe, a litle bit of fitness is creeping in. Also I have felt that I am running a little better and a little faster. Did a route around Hilsea, started at 11:41pm so the streets were quiet again tonight and no fighting foxes or kerb crawlers to get me excited.

Mon 24th - took a rest day. Felt I should after yesterday plus by the time I was ready to go out I was very tired after a busy day. Poor dog didn't even get a last thing walk, if I don't take him for a run with me I walk him when I get in. It gives me a chance to warm down and stops me sitting down and seizing up.

Tues 25th - 4 miles, 46:57. Went along Southsea seafront again (had an errand to run so combined the two), run started at 10:48 pm. It was an uneventful run out for two miles except the shady looking men on one of the benches. My 6th sense tingled but being the fool I am I kept on running past them but the looks and body language made me aware of them. I turned round at two miles and headed back to my car trying to catch up a little bit of time, the splits were 11:07 - 11:57 - 11:59 - 11:25 so I had slowed a bit in mile 2 + 3. Luckily the prom is long and straight so I could see quite a way ahead of me, those two blokes were still by the same bench so shortly before I got to them I rested for a minute, stretched a bit and caught my breath. I was, suprisingly, feeling alright about running (probably the adrenaline) so I set off only to see them spread across the path, it looked like they were going to try and stop me (of course, I could be totally wrong but my senses were right up). The prom is about 3m/4m wide so there was plenty of room so when I was about 10m away I sprinted, I think this took them by surprise as, although they both turned towards me as I darted between them I was past before the could actually react. One of them made like he was going to chase me but by then I had a few meters on him and he probably thought he wouldn't catch me as I was going so bloody fast! Not for much further though but far enough for me to relax when I was about 50m away. Well I had to, no way could I keep that pace up lol. But it's a warning, if anyone is out running, especially somewhere dark, out of the way and quiet, be careful and trust your instincts. I could have got them totally wrong but I would rather be wrong and safe then right and attacked.    

After all that excitement  my blood sugar levels are down, still not quite where the Doc wants them but from running at between 14% - 20% they were hovering around the 7% - 8% mark but today I managed to hit the 6's! 6.8% to be exact. Still can't shift any bloody weight though, still 17st 9lb (give or take a few). Just can't shift it, been on a new treatment from my diabetes nurse for a few weeks now, it not only helps with the insulin but also acts as an appetite suppresant. When I first went on it I noticed that I could hardly eat much but as I have got use to it I think I am eating more. However, last night we went for a Toby to celebrate my 10 yr olds birthday and I struggled, usually I clear my plate so maybe it is working. Or is it all in the head? 

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