Week 13 - Bad luck?

Posted on: 15 Apr 2018

Hi buzzers! 
I expect next weekend will result in a very long blog so think it's best I report tha last week right now, before all the London madness. =) This was my 13th week of marathon training, and it included Friday the 13th, so has this been my week of bad luck? Well, it's Sunday evening and I would say no, I have survived the week withou bad luck. =) 

As I wrote at the end of my last blog I started cycling to work this week. Monday and Wednesday, very different weather but still so nice. Monday morning was lovely, 8-9 degrees when I left, the thin gloves was enough and I so enjoyed it. On Wednesday it was hardly 1 degree, and a freezing head wind. The hot shower at work was well earned, I would say. 

How about running then? Well I went to an event on Tuesday, Saucony RunYourWorld, where you guessed your time on a 2,7 km run, then tried to run as close to that time without help of your watch or phone. Very hard! I was 32 sec too fast, but it was a lot of fun. I still felt a little of my cold from the week before, when I pushed it, but hope it will go away soon.

On Wednesday evening I went to an inspiring lecture at the city library, a Swedish ultra runner who ran alone through Iran, who told us about her journey and why she did it. Very inspiring and necessary to hear. (Google Kristina Paltén to read more about her, and watch a trailer about the Iran run here https://vimeo.com/165082714!) 

Thursday it was time for circuit training again. I haven't been for 3 or 4 weeks since it's been easter and I have been sick. It was a tough class, no burpees this time but lots of other things, like press-ups, no Hollywood style there, but I hope I'm getting better. =) 

On Friday I went home to my parents, my grandmother turned 87 years old so it was time for a little celebration. She just moved to a care home so got to see her new room, and I'm so thankful for those who take care of her. I live far away and don't see her as much as I would want, and it's hard when they get old and you can't be around. =/ 

Anyway, on Saturday we went back to Örebro parkrun who had their 1-year anniversary. Their event director wanted to beat the Swedish attendance record of 124 runners, and boy did they. 192 runners turned up, a new nordic record (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark). So cool! My run went ok, I'm not very fast at the moment but managed 30:48 according to the results (31:05 on my watch, not sure about the difference since I started it on go). Faster than last week, but not my fastest on that course. I also had company of mum, my sister and her eldest son who did their first parkruns, and my friends who will come to London with me. Weather was awesome, sunny and warm so we could have our first outside fika of the year. Great start to the Saturday. 

I need to get my long runs going again so even though I ran yesterday I went for a run today. Choose the route where my mum always ran when I was a kid, then it was about 10 k from where we lived, now they moved so it's 12-13 km, a perfect run before I went back home. Cloudy weather today but still 11 degress so thin long sleeved shirt and vest was perfect. Another run in the country side, lots of horses who looked at me, and lots of spring flowers along the way. Ran my 12,1 km in 1:30:17 so bang on target again. Walked a little so happy I still managed to get a good average pace of 7:27 min/km. 

Tiny blue flowers! 

Now I'm back home and planning my London weekend. Hope to see as many of you as possible! I will be at the mile 22 party on Sunday, and on Southwark parkrun on Saturday (I think). 

For those of you running, keep calm this week, you've got this, your training is done, all you have to do now is run on Sunday. Best of luck! 

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