Posted on: 18 Nov 2019

That's the sound of a milestone being reached!

It's about six weeks since I tentatively rekindled my running career, shaky at first, like Bambi on ice. I've known since those tentative first steps on the ladder what I needed to do....although I've dared not say it out loud. I NEEDED to run 10km not stop. My 23 week Marathon training plan demanded it and I knew that before I could start on this long road to London, I absolutely had to make that first milestone.

I'm pleased (well actually I'm delighted) to say that yesterday with better than forecast weather on my side I achieved my goal. It was slow (even by my standards) but it was non stop jogging and it felt good! Being able to run for over an hour continuously means that I'm gaining some fitness and is something that I can now build on. If I can run for 82 mins, then I can run for 90 mins and if I can run for 90 mins then I can run for 100 mins etc, etc ad infinitum.

I also employed a tactic that I used to use when I was marathon training previously. That being to have a destination and a purpose for my run. That being (on this particular occasion) meeting my family at the Mother in law's house for breakfast. Rather handily, her house is almost exactly 10km from my house!

I left the house an hour earlier than my wife did in the car and that meant we arrived at roughly the same time. I find this tactic works for me because it makes it less easy to quit. I needed to get to a particular place to ensure I got my lift, I got a cooked breakfast into the bargain. Win/Win!

Now the real work begins but it's a hell of a lot less daunting now I have some of my old Mojo back.

Until the next time, keep on running!

The Tubby Runster


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