A slow 5k and a speedy (er) one

Posted on: 19 Jan 2020

I started the year with a New Years Day Parkrun.  It found it incredibly difficult. I was still recovering from that flu type virus which has been going round. I would have liked around 35 minutes,  but it was 37.  I wasn't dissapointed.  I had run the course without stopping,  even the hills. 

On the 15th January there was a local 5km race. I went, expecting to be last and looking for 35 minutes.  A friend of my sister's was there. 

"Don't tell me.  You haven't done much running  and are going to be slow, but then disappear up the road."

"That's pretty much it," he said and we laughed.

Sure enough when the race got underway off he shot into the distance.   Suprisingly I caught him after about 500 metres.  

"Are we going to be passing each other?" And I pulled ahead.

After a mile he caught me up and overtook me.  I tucked in behind,thinking I could stay on his heels, but soon overtook him again. 

Even though I say so myself,  I was running reasonably well, but at 2 miles I was tiring rapidly and the next half a mile or so was really hard.

As I reached the cycle path i tripped up the kerb and saw him.  He was at least 20 metres behind me.

I've got him I thought.   I couldn't believe it when he caught me up.  After having a little cry, I moved up a gear and pulled ahead. I still  had about a quarter of a mile to go.  For good measure when I saw the finish line, l sprinted. 

I ran 31 and a half minutes.   I would never have run this fast if my sister's friend wasn't behind me.  I would  have slowed down after 2 miles. 

A bit of healthy competition does wonders , but it also proves to me that I can find another gear when I think I can't. 

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