Hill repeats...

Posted on: 03 Feb 2021

Morning all.

Ah, how many ways do I enjoy hill work?  Well, let me think….

..right, having given it some thought the answer may be “one”.  That one is that I prefer hill work to intervals/thresholds/call them what you will.  Of course, this is in a similar way to me saying that, when it comes to rugby, I prefer Bath to Wales – I’d rather not contemplate either, but if I had to choose one it’d be the former over the latter.

Of course, the thing with hills is that you know they are doing you good; if they hurt, they must be right.  If you’re puffing like Ivor the Engine up an incline, then things are good - sweaty and hurty, of course, but good.

Well if there is one thing I am blessed (although at times it of course feels like “cursed”) with around here, it’s hills.  There are loads of ‘em; from the trails of the Cotswold Way to the roads that climb up the scarp like a furnicular would at times.

I am trying to make Tuesdays the day for hills; I will never regain some of the pace that I had before perhaps, but I can always strive for those strong climbing legs that I had when I managed The Way in 2015.  That must mean hill work.  This time round, I set the watch for a warm up and warm down, and then for 15 interval sessions too; 2 mins up, 1 min down was my plan.  Coldchange Hill was the goal for today.  Honestly, running down it various thoughts go through your mind – these are generally of the “must be mad” and “when does it stop” type.

As always with a session like this, the best that I can say is “it was done.”  I’m never going to embrace them like long-lost family members, but they will always have my begrudging respect.  I suspect I also got the respect of one walker who I kept passing as I turned again like some perverse Dick Whittington who had an unhealthy love of hill reps!

I was pleased with the warm down; I knew I had done the efforts, but I wanted to make the warm down meaningful too.  So, Bath Lane to Mrs. P’s and then back into the village at a reasonable pace.

Tried to not undo all the good work with a winter fave of ours, Nigel Slater’s creamy sausage & mustard pasta, and maybe just succeeded.  I made it with vegan cream as Elisabeth (home from Uni, of course) may have developed an allergy to dairy (we’re waiting for some test results).  It seemed funny cooking sausages with vegan cream but the taste was no different to normal.

Have fun, one and all.

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