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Started: 22 Jan 2010

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  • I never forget a name.....or erm face.....


    Nov2320106:38 p.m.

    Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous! That's the only sentiment I can come up with when I contemplate the facts that (a); we were beaten by Coventry on Saturday, and (b); they have subsequently moved above us in the table! The difference in styles between the two sides was polar! I played under Aidy Boothroyd at Watford and experienced real success with the method, but when you are playing against it, it feels so anti-football!! Shelling fifty yard balls up to 6"5 striker Clive Platt in the hope of picking up the knock downs is real percentage football. By contrast, we tried to work the ball through the thirds and create an opening with movement and guile. This must sound like a really bitter rant because, after all, they won the game and that's all the Rothman's will show!

    We must stay strong to our values and beliefs though. Continuing to play good flowing football and creating clear opportunities in front of goal will finally pay dividends. But it needs to be sooner rather than later, because we're getting to that point in the season where 3 points is actually more important than a good performance! We're halfway through a good week of high intensity work on the training ground and we need that to carry over to Saturday when we entertain Derby County at 5.15pm on the telly. It'll be a chance to show everyone what we're capable of and start climbing back up the league again.

    Away from the pitch I had one of my proudest moments of my career this week. On Wednesday I was named the new Chairman of the Professional Footballer's Association, succeeding Chris Powell in the role. It's such an honour to be selected to represent your entire workforce, especially when it is your peers who elect you. I am just liaising with Chris and Gordon Taylor, our Chief Executive, to fully understand the parameters of the role, what the expectations and requirements are and what I can seriously contribute to/affect within the union and football in general. It's very reassuring to receive full backing when I state that I still have to devote full time and attention to my continuing football career. The requirements of the position can't in any way hinder that and if anything, I think they will contribute in a positive way.

    One thing I will definitely have to improve on though, is names and faces! I am so bad at recalling people's names, it can be a bit embarrassing sometimes! I stand there, stalling, knowing that I know someone but just can't quite put the name to the face or place to them! If anyone's got any tips they would be greatly appreciated! So, erm, fella, thanks for reading my blog, erm, big guy, and please, have a great week and many blessings, er, love!!!

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    • Oghanisironingboard 'Congratulations on the PFA chairmans position us clarets are proud of you.As for the Coventry game we seemed to be playing our fare share of hoof ball.As we have done at home for quite a few games with limited success.Fans are running out of patience with man in charge as we arent progressing.Hope we can pick up 3 points against Derby and lets hope we play strikers as strikers and not as wingers.' added 23rd Nov 2010

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    • SPALDING_CLARET 'Clarke I’m really pleased that you have been elected as Chairman of the PFA. Obviously it reflects well on BFC that you’re in the role and I’m sure you’ll carry it off with aplomb! In terms of names an old old trick that always worked for me Clarke is to just repeat the name as much as possible in the first 30-45 seconds that you meet someone. Literally say the name almost with each sentence Clarke and it will stick. That’s the thing with names Clarke – if you repeat as you look a the person it somehow seems to get burned in. That’s what I think anyway Clarke! Up the Clarets!' added 24th Nov 2010

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    • hannah_mc 'Congratulations on the chairman position and best of luck with it! When I'm struggling to remember names I generally go through the letters of the alphabet in my head, hoping it will trigger some sort of recollection of what it begins with... Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much!' added 1st Dec 2010

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    • Jack87 'Hi Clarke, I'm a Watford fan myself and used to be a season ticket holder in the Aidy days so I got used us winning by breaking teams up and firing balls out to Ashley Young down the flank or Marlon King over the top and through the middle. It's a double edged sword because I agree it gets really frustrating when a team that doesn't have quite as much in their locker employs the same tactic. Guess we have to empathise with Wenger or Pep at Barca!' added 1st Dec 2010

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    • craigraw 'Hi clarke. keep the boys spirits up eh. poor 2nd half yesterday and the boo boys sat behind me are growing in numbers each week! Keep them motivated pal, your the person who can get us through this. Your a top captain, but do me a favour, when you ump the ball up field, aim for a claret shirt!!!! Keep us in the promo hunt, we need it!! regards' added 12th Dec 2010

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    • wyleu 'Craig, you seemed to have remembered a name that's no longer relevant. Rothmans' haven't sponsored the football year book since 2002...' added 13th Dec 2010

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