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After 59 full circuits round the sun, and the last few of them spent on this site, its time for a change.  So the title is a line from a fav...

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  • Whoops another catch up!


    Sep0220139:38 a.m.

    Grovelling apologies again for lack of communication over the last 3 weeks or so.  Not sure why, have had the time but somehow not the inclination to blog, why does that happen?

    Running has continued in the same sort of pattern, 45ish miles a week targeted towards the Wissey half marathon which was yesterday.  This was the first race for one of my daughters and so proud of her, she ran with a cousin and they both looked in good form at the end.  Time of 2.10.48 which I think is great after 6 months running.  She is already looking at other races.  With luck my other daughter who has had some injury problems will join us for the next one.

    One of my nieces also ran this one and she is a 24 year old personal trainer, I'd seen quite a few of her training times and so we had decided to run together if we could but with both of us to run our own races if we split and couldn't hold pace, definitely a competitive edge.  I had a feeling that it may have been me trailing in last, certainly over 10k she would whoop me but just the extra mileage may be the saver for me.  

    First couple of miles we ran at about 7.23 and then she left me!  I thought it would be the last I saw of her and I just tried to keep to that pace for as long as I could.  At about 5 miles I started to close on her and then quite quickly caught her, her pace had dropped right off and she eventually dropped behind me.  I finished in 1.39.20 and she came in just over the 1.45 mark.  Still good running.  I think it will be the last time it happens as I know she will train harder next time we repeat. The baton will be passed over graciously.

    Then back to my daughter's house which is only a mile from the start/finish for a welcome barbecue.  Great day with lots of family gathered.

    So a rest day and a bit of a cutback week, still undecided what we are doing in regards to moving etc. but I am sprucing bathroom and ensuite this week, mostly paint but with a bit of tiling/grouting and some flooring to replace.

    Have a good week all

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    • hollywooddave 'incredible effort by team army john! massive congratulations to you and the two ladies:) you all smashed it,youve inspired them pal and you will continue to do so. fantasico!!' added 2nd Sep 2013

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    • Alaistair 'Some great running there John...' added 2nd Sep 2013

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    • DavidHaworth1965 'Excellent running John! And nice to see you played the long game and it paid off, keep those youngsters in their place! Seriously well done to all three of you. Are you all running this Sunday?' added 2nd Sep 2013

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Sounding really great with the results from all three of you. So big congratulations all round ! PS would those be the Mizuno Wave Riders you're wearing there John? if so, 'snap! They're so comfortable :)' added 2nd Sep 2013

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    • gloshawk 'I'm loving the way we're getting our families out and about more, and truly bitten by the bug. Well done to the combined John running team - quite amazing achievements all round. ' added 3rd Sep 2013

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    • oggie 'johnf excellent going in your training , what a great time you got for the half marathon ,great stuff indeed , even the rest of your family in the running also amazing time there for your daughter 2.10 for the half , that is excellent for someone who has only taken up running , months ago , now the bug has set in for the running as they are looking for other races , I like this kind of thing with people , wishing you all good running from here on in from oggie ' added 3rd Sep 2013

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    • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'Great running all round! I love hearing that families & friends are being inspired by all of our efforts and joining in :-)' added 3rd Sep 2013

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    • moose10 'great running john all those miles certainly paid off and brilliant effort by your daughter and niece you must be very proud. best of luck with the diy' added 4th Sep 2013

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    • crooxi 'Well done you and your team! How lovely that you have inspired your daughters......... but you do realize it's only a matter of time before they beat their old dad?!' added 6th Sep 2013

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    • judith 'Great team effort. Well done to all of you.' added 17th Sep 2013

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