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Well its real, very real.......I have a place in the 2013 London Marathon (& panic sets in). With only handful of sluggish half marathons under my...

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  • They weren't lying.... truly amazing!


    Apr23201310:01 p.m.

    Well, I finished.........I've run the London Marathon and it was an unbelievable experience!! Despite a stupid amount of pain, it was all worth it.

    The day started well and it was great to see an old friend on the way to blackheath. The banter on the train was just what I needed to settle some last minute nerves and the excitement was great to see on so many faces.

    The run started well and I was determined to keep it slow, comfortable and steady and I think all went well in the 1st half but i suppose it usually does. Im gutted I missed some friends at mile 9 but then its easy to forget just how many people are running and how many fantastic supporters line the streets. It was great to cross tower bridge still feeling well and relaying that message to my darling wife.

    Excited at the 2nd half challenge I moved on and by mile 15 I started to get a few aches in my right foot. Still hopeful to 'run it off' over the next few miles, I carried on but by mile 17 things were not good and the pain I had in training came back to haunt me. The next few miles were hell but it was incredible the amount of cheers of encouragement from both spectators and runners. You cant but help smile through the pain. Runners helping other runners stretch and massage tired legs that clearly werent happy. Thank you to those that gave me a little nudge and words of encouragement to not give up.

    Getting myself to mile 22 seemed to take forever and I was desperate to see family and friends. It was just the tonic and although they couldnt magic the pain away, just seeing them was brilliant and to see how proud they were to even see me at this point. With a rejuvinated drive I set off again and the next the mile felt almost ok but despite bigger and louder crowds, going was tough. Down the road Big Ben was a welcome sight and the end was near.

    I caught up to a lad also running for Prostate Cancer UK and we were both determined to give it one more final effort. We saw the 600m sign and by some miracle the pain dissappered! Waving to the crowd and punching the air, we practically sprinted to the finish line and dipped for a photo finish. We made it!! After collecting my medal, my foot reminded me just how upset he still was with me but i didn't care, finishing felt unbelievably good.

    Reuniting with everyone again and sharing the moment made the whole day extra special and the cherry on the cake was seeing donations now over £1600 for 2 fantastic charities.

    Dissappointed about my slow time? Yes, a little but that's how it goes. 

    Well done to everyone who took part and its been so insipring to be a part of this amazing event.

    So many superlatives in this final blog.........but it was that good! Smile


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    • Legendlauwah 'Is not the time you finished in that matters it's the fact you have crossed that finish line, made yourself and everyone around you so proud and raised a brilliant amount of money for charity! ' added 29th Apr 2013

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