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  • The Best Stretch Routine For Runners...


    Jul23201410:15 p.m.

    Stretching is very important for runners. It's not fun, but it's a simple bit of maintenance that can keep injuries at bay. Stretching will help to reduce stiffness that may lead to an eventual overuse injury. Stretching is best done when warm so including several stretches in your post run recovery routine would be a good idea to try and help you stay on the park longer.


    Calf stretching can be broken up in to 2 parts, the soleus (bottom part) and the gastrocnemius (top part). Both sections are important. Stretching your calves will assist in avoiding dreaded Achilles injuries.

    The Best Stretch Routine For Runners... Hamstrings

    If my hamstrings are tight, my whole gait doesn't operate properly. After a race I have to really look after my hamstrings as they are what pull up the worst when I'm going fast. Being able to touch your toes is a good guide to weather you're flexible.

    Hip flexors

    Our hip flexors are what lift our legs up so it's very important that they stay loose. This is an area that you don't want restricted when running.


    The quadraceps work very closely with the hip flexors so it's best to include this stretch also. Hill running and squats in the gym will have this muscle burning.

    The Best Stretch Routine For Runners...

    We get a lot of power from our bum. Glut stretching is simple because you can even lie on the floor while doing it. It's my favourite stretch.

    Rolling and Trigger Point

    Having a foam roller and a ball such as a golf or tennis ball is handy as these tools can mimic that of a massage therapist.

    Stay loose!


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