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Ryan Gregson is the fastest 1500m runner Australia has ever produced. His time of 3:31.06 at the Monaco leg of the 2010 Diamond League Series shattere...

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  • How to Boost Your Recovery Post-Run...


    1. Protein

    Protein repairs the muscles that you break down when training. I use ENDURA Optimizer as a protein shake and ENDURA Pro Body Bar as a recovery post training. I find that both of these products are quite tasty and are very easy to get down straight away post workout.

    2. Stretch

    Stretching after training helps me to not pull up tight. If I don't, I get stiff and ache the next day. I always make sure I stretch my calf muscles and my hamstrings as these pull up the worst on me.

    How to Boost Your Recovery Post-Run...3. Massage

    A massage will iron out the kinks in your muscles. I like to get a massage after a session to reduce the chance of developing delayed onset muscle soreness. If you're tight you may need a hard massage, but if it's just to keep on top of things, a lighter massage should suffice to just generally ease the muscles.

    How to Boost Your Recovery Post-Run...4. Ice

    Icing will reduce the inflammation caused through training. I find that icing the whole body will act as a reset button for the body, clearing much of the lactic acid build up.

    5. Sleep

    After you have done these 4 prior recovery methods, getting some rest is a great way to recover. When the body is asleep, growth hormones are released in the body that assists growth and repair of the body's muscles.


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