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Will Clarke is a Professional Triathlete so health and fitness is totally his life! An Olympian and an U-23 World Champion, Will is currently on the r...

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A place on the World Triathlon podium.....

Hello everybody. As you might have already read in my biog, my name is Will Clarke, a British Olympian in the crazy sport of Triathlon! Blogging is a passion of mine and I've been running my own blog via my personal website for years, but it's great to be involved with realbuzz.com and I'm excited to be sharing my weekly activities with readers like you! This website is very much focused on active lifestyles and healthy living and I guess that is pretty triathlon in a nutshell! Maybe this is why they were keen to get me blogging? Each and every sport is crazy tough in its own right, whether it requires mad skills, brutal strength or extreme fitness, to get to the top in whichever combination will consume your life! In triathlon most days we find ourselves on the absolute limit of what is physically possible. We are using different muscle groups (it's only running which is high impact), so all of a sudden we're able to do three times as much training as anyone else, unfortunately for my wife Clare!

People are commonly interested in how much training I do. In the average week when I'm not racing I'd do about 32hrs of training which would pretty much mean every day I swim, cycle and run (sometimes twice). In the winter months I live in Australia on the Gold Coast so I can train in a more motivating environment and we do this for about sixteen weeks in a row! It's the hardest time of year because we're in a routine with nothing much to break it! However in the summer it's never more than a few weeks until we have to travel off to another race and you can't turn up to race tired, so we get to taper and freshen up and compete! I travel a lot - this year I’m doing 15 races and only one of them is in the UK - but hey, it's good for the Airmiles account.

Currently I'm coming towards crunch time in the best season of my career so far. I'm ranked 2nd in the world right now and have just come off my first podium (2nd place) in a World Championships Series in Hamburg. I'm on cloud nine. I've dreamt of this many times and finally after many years of perseverance and hard work it happened! If I had to pick a place for it to happen, it would have to be at this one as well. Hamburg has been one of the longest serving races at this level and the crowd is always incredible. 250,000 people lined the streets to watch us sprint finish down the final straight and it was an incredible feeling leading the chase to the line!

I'd love to go on holiday now and celebrate but I've got to keep my concentration! After Hamburg I caught a flight to Lanzarote with my Irish training buddy to get our heads down ahead of our Olympic Qualifying in London, Hyde Park. We're getting battered by the wind and sun which is making it really tough, but I'm fighting fit and still as motivated as before to finish off what I've started. I am competing against some of the best guys in the world for three Olympic slots. It's great for our medal chances in the Olympic Games that we have 4 guys in the top 11 in the world, but this makes is very tough to qualify!

It would be a career highlight to go to London 2012 and it's not going to get any better than this. I am doing everything I can to get my slot so please follow my journey! I'm looking forward to updating you next week on our Olympic Games test event (August 6th and 7th), my new BMW, and an Adidas store visit! Oh the rock and roll lifestyle of a triathlete - next thing you know I'll be in the papers for throwing a plasma TV out of my hotel room! Finally if you want a great free day out come down and watch and join in the fun. I promise you'll have a great day out and the more noise the better!

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  • Tom_Bedford 'I was cheering through the telly watching you race in Hungry, great result. I struggle just running, dont know how you do all the rest at such high quality! Looking forward to reading your blogs and hearing about your Rock n roll Tri style!' added 2nd Aug 2011

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  • Kirstie_McIntosh 'Hey Will - welcome to team realbuzz - awesome first post and can't wait to keep tabs on you and your success.' added 2nd Aug 2011

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  • tinabee 'I got into triathlons just this year and am really enjoying the buzz so will be following your blog with added interest. Good luck with getting into the Olympic team.' added 3rd Aug 2011

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