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My iPod needs your help!

Oct2220118:08 p.m.

Before you read this post you should know, I’m bad at music.  That doesn’t mean I’m tone deaf (although I think I might be) and it doesn’t mean my 4th grade piano teacher suggested I stop taking lessons due to lack of commitment (he did by the way).  That means that I can’t name three Rhianna songs, am terrible at remembering artist’s names, and song titles? Forget it.  I like to have music on in the background when I drive and NEED something playing when I run but what it is doesn’t usually matter that much to me.  In fact, I barely ever use my iPod.  I usually just plug my headphones into the treadmill and listen to whatever is playing on the gym music video station.  Lately though, this soundtrack has not been cutting it.  First of all, the gym seems to have a HUGE thing for the 80’s.  I appreciate St. Elmo’s Fire and The Breakfast Club as much as the next person, but if I hear “Hey Mickey” one more time mid-run I’m going to scream.  So I’ve decided it’s time to fork over the extra $$ (or ££ here in Londontown) to update my shamefully outdated iTunes library.  One problem:  I have no idea what to download.  I need pump up songs that will get me through mile 7 that aren’t as corny than Eye of the Tiger or as angry as Eminem.  I need help!  What are some great songs to run to?  What is the one song that pushes you to get up that hill, finish that mile, or complete that sprint?  Quick, my iPod needs you!

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  • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'Love a good bit of dance music me, almost doesn't matter what, it just seems to hit the right rhythm for me, kind of in sync with my natural movements, and actually, everyone elses movements too when you look around at them. Things like Eric Prydz and Calvin Harris, that carry a hint of old skool house and those amazing club nights back in the day :-)' added 23rd Oct 2011

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  • Thebandit 'When I run, I listen to music that I would not normally listen to! Normally some up-tempo fiasco that I am far too old for! My current play list of shame is..... 1 Personal Jesus – Jonny Cash – slow warm-up song 2 Lets get it started – Black eyed peas 3 Rolling in the deep - Adele 4 oh la la - gold frapp 5 what about now – Daughtry 6 Written in the stars – Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner 7 No fun and push it - The Stooges and Salt n Pepa 8 The edge of glory – lady gaga 9 Louder – DJ Fresh 10 You get what you give – Free radicals 11 Hung up – Madonna 12 Remember the name – Fort Minor 13 Just hold on – Top Loader 14 Heavy weight champion of the world – Reverand and the makers 15 How we operate – Gomez 16 Underdog – Kasabian 17 you got the love - Florence and the machine 18 six underground - sneakerpimps 19 running to standstill - u2 Please don't judge me. ' added 23rd Oct 2011

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  • nooby2shoes 'i have been sent ffrom ipod heaven to fix your ipod woes!!! i think some of the best music to run to for the pace and motivation is melodic trance. music with too many words can disrupt your thought process for keeping the pace and keeping your breathing right. so melodic trance, a good dj to look at is sean tyas, he has a podcast too which is free if you want to try before you buy a mix cd of his, also anything from paul oakenfold and armin van buuren. also oddly i love running to scooters very firsrt album...... hope that all helps.' added 23rd Oct 2011

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  • lowell 'These suggestions are great! I'm watching my iTunes credit diminish as we speak. It's making me look forward to my next run!' added 23rd Oct 2011

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  • angelamarie 'My Sharona-The Knack' added 24th Oct 2011

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  • andy_bee 'Hi. You could try the Podrunner Podcast - it's on iTunes and free to try (but he welcomes donations). More beat than anything, but organised by bpm tempo which makes it easy to fit to your speed.' added 24th Oct 2011

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  • CescaMc 'Podrunner Podcast is great, give it a go!' added 7th Nov 2011

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  • CescaMc 'Your blog is on Facebook!!/adidassilverstonehalfmarathon' added 7th Nov 2011

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