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Uh oh!  I registered for a half marathon.  I can run 3 miles.  Ooops.  This is the tale of one woman's 13.1 mile journey .

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In which I realise that I have written anything for a while

Sep24201110:12 p.m.

I so much enjoyed revealing my backstory in the last post that I totally forgot to write anything since.  So, I am setting that straight.

My ankle was fine after that first post-injury run and I did a second at that weekend.  My first ever nearly 4 mile run  - it ws 3.9, which is SO near to 4, but not quite.  It was a good run, along the Thames for a bit and the I managed to get out between mega downpours.  As I have only recently started running and have a goal in mind, but a good few months to reach it, I am focussing first on increasing my weekly dstance, and length of my 'long' runs.  So that 3.9 miles was my first long run.  Although I'm hoping that in a few months I'll be thinking that is a shrt run.  It is all about slow steady progress I guess. 

I made it to BMF on Tuesday, and MAN did I ache for the next few days.  It was the first time I had gone in three weeks and I was in low blues, the lowest group.  And tht was ideal for me - the running around at the start was hard, as we do sprinting rather than joggng, but I enjoyed it and as always just as I am starting to feel that I can't go on we moved onto the resistance work, and that's what did it for me.  It was ok at the time, but my arms and shoulders the next day, and worse the day after...it ached putting on my jacket.  But I like it.  Unfortunately work is REALLY busy at the moment and I am working 09:00-19:30 every day next week so I won't be able to go to any BMF.  Although, I mght try and get to start late one day a catch an 09:30 class.  I'm a bit apprehensive about that though as I have never been a morning exerciser.  I had a personal trainer for a while and we once did a session in the morning and he was apalled and shocked at the dfference in my strength and energy as we normally had our sessions at 18:00 or 19:00.  But then I neer have neen a morning person.

Today I went on a 4.3 mile run, so I have managed to brek the 4 mile barrier and I liked it - I ventured across the river into Chelsea and the view of sunset over the Thames was stunning.  in fact it was so stunning I paused for a minute (if that) and took a photo - it made me so happy - London is a geat place.

In other news, my ankle stil aches a bit and has a tendancy to swell after a long day - I've been standing for one minute a day on one leg on a cushion as the doctor advised to build the strength in it and soon I'll move on to hopping in a circle.  Seriously.  I also trace the alphabet with the foot, although I am bothered by the fact that it is not clear whether I should be doing upper or lower case letters, so I've been playing it safe and doing both Laughing

Anyway, despite being a young thing in London I am exhausted, work has been busy and I am having a relaxing weekend - which means bedtime for me!

Night night.

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