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As the title might suggest, training for my first half marathon. 

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  • Forget post holiday blues, I can't run :(


    Jul0820138:34 p.m.

    Hello everyone,  I'm back from a week in Sicily, which was disappointing but that's another story.  After my run three weeks ago on Friday I got that previously mentioned pain in my ankle, which I thought was my achilles.  Advice from my running friend Mark put those suspicions to rest.  However, despite a fair bit of rest (I love holiday afternoon naps), lots of ice (plus some cold cans from the hotel mini bar) compression (boyfriend insisted I bought a support at Gatwick before I stepped a foot on the plane) and elevation (even as I type) its NO better Frown and I haven't run for two weeks on Wednesday Cry  Will I have lost my 5K fitness?  I was due to do a Park Run this Saturday and Race for Life the Sunday after, but they're definitely write offs.  My biggest concern is my half training, 11 weeks on Sunday, I'm worried I won't get over whatever this menace is and get up to fitness in time.  Tried out some more self diagnosis online its sounding (and looking) like a sprain.  Swollen to twice the size of my good foot, red and painful. . .lets hope the doc has some answers and a bloomin remedy tomorrow.  Rant over.  Sorry guys!  Hope you're all well, will try to catch up on your blogs in between the manic that is work Undecided

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    • Vin 'Where there is life there is hope. Keep fighting. Never give up. Welcome back.' added 8th Jul 2013

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    • Shing 'I know it's frustrating but seeking professional help will give you some real answers as to when you can return & get back into some quality training. We all have injuries & it's how we deal with them & get through the other side which is what makes us realbuzzers!!! Never stop training even if it's only half a mile a day. Keep strong. Good luck. ' added 9th Jul 2013

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    • hollywooddave 'stay nice and calm stephie:) youve built up a core of fitness over the last few months and that wont dissapear,yes it will take a bit of time to get back to full fitness but you will get there. let the doctors do what they do and you will be back chewing the tarmac up again soon. keep us informed! onwards and upwards' added 9th Jul 2013

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    • gloshawk 'Agree with Shing - get it looked at. You've plenty of time to do whatever they advise, and the quicker you get that advice, the quicker your confidence will come back. In the meantime, you will not have lost your fitness gained. panic ye not, and keep the faith!!' added 9th Jul 2013

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    • stephiewent 'Thanks all! Love the half a mile a day ethos Shing, nice thought! So the dr was a bit stuck. She didn't think it needed x raying but was concerned I've been doing all the RICE and still no improvement. She's referred me to physio and waiting to hear...thanks for your support guys.' added 9th Jul 2013

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