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'Board At Home' British Lung Foundation


'Board At Home' British Lung Foundation


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Challenge yourself to something different with the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation’s Board at Home game. The UK’s two biggest lung health charities are coming together to raise awareness and vital funds for people who struggle to breathe #StayFitDoYourBit


You’ve got 20 days to play your way through a series of activities using our ready-made board. Fancy setting your own challenges? You can use our board template to set your own!


You don’t have to tackle this alone, get all the household involved! Just be sure to nominate your friends at each Nomination Station.



Take part for £10 and anything you can raise will help us in the fight for lung health. The money you raise will help us to support our vital work such as our helpline and continuing to provide free COVID-19 advice for millions of people with lung conditions. Raise over £100 and you’ll get a medal for your achievement.


How to play the game:

Registration fee - £10 (non-refundable)
There is no minimum fundraising target (Exclusive medal with £100+ raised)


Through our partnership with Asthma UK, please click here to take part in this challenge for them.