Finding it tough to get your fundraising into top gear? These timely tips might give your efforts a money-raising boost.

Has your fundraising ground to a halt? Do you want to boost it up to the next level? Follow this easy tips to make sure your fundraising is as successful as it can possibly be.

Harness the power of social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – they’re all great ways of getting your message out and letting as many people as possible know you are fundraising and need them to dig deep. Encourage your friends to share your posts on their social media accounts, you’ll quickly reach a wider audience and give your fundraising a boost.

Use social media to keep everyone informed of the progress you’re making – especially if you’re training for a specific event, such as a run or bike ride. Post pictures of yourself out on your training – you can also link up with other people who are doing similar challenges. Social media is also a really good way of letting people know about the cause you’re helping, what they do and why you’ve decided to fundraise for them.

Don’t be shy to ask people to back you and to support you in your efforts. You could even interact with the charity you're raising money for - a retweet or share would really boost your cause.

There’s more you can do online. It is a quick and simple process to set up a donation page that you can share with friends and colleagues. Set a cash target on the page and again make sure everyone knows the story – why you’re doing this and what it means to you and to the charity. Don’t forget to put a picture of yourself up there.

Whatever the medium let people know that you are fundraising. Keep them informed of your progress as you build up to your big event. Updating people regularly will boost your fundraising efforts. And don’t be shy to ask them to back your good cause.

Utilise your contacts

The friends and family network can be great when it comes to charity fundraising. Get as many people as you can involved in what you’re doing – friends can be really supportive, if you ask them. Use social media to reconnect with people you’ve not spoken to for a while – you’ll be surprised how supportive they might be of a good cause.

If you’ve set yourself a sporting challenge , maybe suggest one or two friends or workmates can join you as a training partner every once in a while. Or even see if they all want to join you and make it all team effort.

Sign up your work colleagues to the cause – let them know what you’re doing by email or by posters in the office. Use their talents and strengths when it comes to organising events. And don’t forget your family when it comes to putting together your team. The more people you can involve, the more fun you will have.

Think of a wacky idea

Wacky ideas are fantastic fundraisers – and the wilder the better! Sponsored head shaves always get people digging deep – as do male waxing sessions!

Be creative, think up the daftest challenge possible – as long as it’s safe and legal – and get as many people as possible to join you in the fun and games. Eating beans with a cocktail stick or jelly with chopsticks, throwing custard pies or seeing how many dry crackers you can eat in a minute without water – they’ll all raise a smile and what’s more important, cash!

Alternatively set yourself a really wild outdoor challenge, something like abseiling down a tall building in fancy dress or seeing how many people can cram into a mini or a phone box. Doing something headline grabbing will help to draw attention to your cause and give a real boost to your fundraising efforts.


Why not look for some extra fundraising revenue through the power of advertising? There may be local businesses in your area who would be delighted to back you with a donation or sponsorship in return for an advert for them on your event posters and programmes, your running top or on your social media pages.

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